Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fitness Journal Day 1

Hey everyone, this is my first blog post.

Basically the purpose of this blog is that of a forum in which people can post their workout progress and goals. I'm currently trying to lose about 20lbs further to reach my life goal of being under 10% body fat.

I've been overweight my entire life, and ever since college, I've been making an effort to live a healthier lifestyle. I used to weigh about 290lbs and I've lost over 70 of them by eating right and working out.

I'm going to track my progress on this blog and encourage others to use this place for motivation and to post their goals and progress as well.

Take Care.


  1. Great goals man, following and supporting from now on.

  2. Good luck man, nothing feels better than losing a bunch of weight, take it from a guy that used to be much heavier too.

  3. Interesting topic for blog. I'll be tuning in to see your progress, my goal is very similar...

  4. PS Amazing pic above (Rocky is the bomb)